Simple Tricks to Increase the Number of Viewers on Your YouTube Channel

Tricks to increase viewers Youtube – One thing you need to consider after uploading a video on YouTube is the number of viewers. It will be great if you get a lot of viewers.

The problem is that attracting people to watch your video is not as easy as you can imagine. If you have a difficulty to get viewers, you can try some tricks below. 

Tricks to increase viewers Youtube

Create an Interesting Video Title and Description 

Creating an interesting title doesn’t mean that you have to create a “clickbait” title. Try to think a unique title that makes viewers want to click and watch your video. It is also important to write a brief and interesting description.

You don’t have to tell the entire story of the video. Write something that makes viewers curious and wants to watch the video. You also need to include a specific keyword on the title and description so viewers can easily get your video when they type the keyword in the search box. 

Use the Right Tags 

Nowadays, YouTube is supported by a tag. It is similar to Hashtags on Instagram. You can also gain more viewers by using a tag. Just choose a tag related to the topic of the video.

You may use more than one tags. The purpose of using tag is to make viewers easily get your video when they search a video on YouTube, especially if it is related to your theme or topic.

You may choose popular tags or create a new tag that makes people know your channel better.   

Share Your Video

The most common traditional way to increase the number of viewers on YouTube is by sharing the video or channel to other platforms. Just make sure that your friends, followers, or audience know your latest video.

The best time to share the video is right after you post it. Don’t wait until the video gets a specific number of viewers. Just do it right away and you will get more viewers. You can share it by using a sharing tool, email, or copy and paste the link and share to the other platforms. 

The point is that there are so many ways to increase the number of viewers on YouTube. The thing you have to consider is creating an interesting video and do it regularly. The more you create videos and share them, the more viewers you will get. Before that, you can download the app here:


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