Tips to Maximize Your Instagram Stories

Tips Instagram Stories

Tips Maximize Instagram Stories – Instagram is supported by a variety of features. One of the features is Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories feature is more than just a place to share your photos and videos instantly for 24 hours only.

By using this feature in the right way, you can boost your followers and get more audiences. So, what you can do with your Instagram Stories? 

Tips Maximize Instagram Stories

Highlight Your Best Photos or Videos

Tips Maximize Instagram

In case you have your favorite photo or video, you can share it in your Instagram Stories. Then, you can highlight it to make it stay on your profile page. People who want to see it just have to click your profile photo and the photo or video will appear.

After adding a photo or video to your story, you can open the story and tap Highlight. Press New and give it a name. The photo or video will stay in your profile page automatically and people can see it anytime they visit your account.

Share Tutorials 

One of the best ways to gain attention via Instagram Stories is by sharing a tutorial. You can start to make a simple tutorial that helps people. You may also create and share tutorials based on your skills such as cooking, crafting, gardening, or anything. The more you share tutorials, the more people will see it and even follow your Instagram account.   

Create Vlog or Behind the Scene

Tips Maximize Instagram

If you want to get closer with your audience, you can try to create a short vlog or behind the scene of your video. Share it on Instagram Stories and let people know what you are doing before posting a photo or video. By seeing the short video, your audience will get close to you and appreciate what you are doing. 

Create a Polling or Question 

Instagram Stories is also an effective feature to communicate with your followers or audience. There is a feature where you can create polling or question. Let your followers answer or give their respond.

Show their response on the next Instagram Stories. It is a small trick but it triggers great impact to boost your audience or followers. At least, you can keep in touch with them. 

For those who want to start to build audiences through Instagram, you can start to use Instagram Stories. Use the tips above and see the impact. The key is doing the tips regularly. Download the application first here :


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