The 16th Episode BluRay (2019)

Download The 16th Episode BluRay (2019)16th Episode is a fright fare offering that jumps all over the place and shifts tones throughout, but is always entertaining.

Formerly known as Little Horror Movie, writer/director Jérôme Cohen-Olivar’s film combines cinema vérité/found footage style shooting with more traditional cinematography to tell the story of three twenty-something.

YouTube travel vloggers who find themselves in deadly supernatural circumstances when they go to Morocco.

Vlog host Helen (Rebecca Ramon), cameraman Mark (Cody Heuer) and soundman Einar (Einar Kuusk) travel the world in search of risky adventures and high numbers for their YouTube channel.

When they travel to Morocco, a guide invites them to a relative’s wedding, which turns out to be a satanic ritual meant to make Helen possessed by a demon.

After some information dumps including how Helen was also possessed as a child, she goes on a vicious rampage against her two colleagues, until a subplot about their AirBnb host Mrs. Frangier (Rosine Young) begins and Helen disappears until the third act.

Download The 16th Episode BluRay (2019)


Three struggling YouTubers hope to gain a surge of new followers by streaming a satanic ritual. They soon realize the ritual is real, and their viewers have tuned in to see them die.



The 16th Episode BluRay (2019)

The 16th Episode BluRay (2019)

The 16th Episode BluRay (2019)

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