Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Review 2022

Quicken Deluxe is software that provides more personal finance management features than any other software. Despite its high price and many features that are not present in the mobile version, Quicken Deluxe is still the best choice for doing complete personal finance.

Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Review 2022
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Here, the download center will discuss the general pros and cons of Quicken, new features, and costs for Quicken 2022.

As we know, Quicken has been the most used personal finance program for many years. There have been many other financial software programs that are present and ready to challenge Quicken, but Quicken remains consistently the software with the most complete features.

Quicken has 4 versions for the Windows platform that you can choose according to your needs, with this software you can do everything from creating a monthly household budget, company expenses, to managing and maximizing your business investment.

But with this edition, we will discuss Quicken Deluxe which is we are ready to help you better understand and why you should decide to use Quicken Deluxe.

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Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Review 2022

Quicken software has improved significantly. This software has become the best choice for managing personal finances professionally.

This is proven by the many positive reviews about Quicken, but be aware that if you want to use Quicken’s advanced features, it will slow down your old PC, so make sure your PC has matched the specs requested by Quicken.

Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Review 2022 Features

Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Review 2022

Quicken personal finance software allows you to track your expenses. With this, you get a clear result of your spending activity versus your earned income. You can download and categorize your spending data by connecting your active account.

One of the great things about Quicken software is that it can connect you to more than 14,000 financial institutions.

It recommends areas with savings opportunities and allows you to uncover routine expenses. Have a very broad view by helping you make goals that are more accurate and achievable.

Investment advisory tools can help you get a personalized budget. The software scans your transactions and creates an account based on the regular expenses you make each month.

In Quicken, you can create as many categories as you want without limits manually or automatically. Track your budget anytime, anywhere using the Quicken mobile app or on the web. Keep in mind, desktop or mobile apps allow you to download for an additional fee.

And one more thing, on the starter and deluxe plans you can easily sync everything at once across your devices.

There are important features that you should know on Quickens:

Quicken Bill Manager

You can pay all bills online and offline in one place, here you can also monitor all your transactions and manage all your payment expenses in one dashboard.

Inside the dashboard, there is an indicator panel showing everything you need to pay. This feature is the best financial management solution that allows you to easily download electronic bills.

An important additional feature is Quicken’s Quick Pay which gives you access to over 11,500 network billers digitally. The check Pay feature also allows you to send physical checks across the United States seamlessly and quickly.

Previously, you need to know that this feature can only be used if you choose the Premier version of Quicken or Home and Business.

Quicken Spending Manager

See Your Expenses at a Glance: Here you can keep your financial transactions and accounts in one place. Personal checking account software lets you search by amount, payee, and expense type.

This allows you to check your expenses to make sure they are legit. If you use it for household management, you can see the transactions of each member.

Read Your Financial Future: This feature is very useful by letting you know how much is left after paying all your bills. This feature is also a personal finance management tool, making payments on a scheduled basis.

You can perform date markings from start to finish with ease, and can also perform your inflows and outflows across multiple timelines.

Create and Manage Categories: In this feature, you can automatically group your transactions.

You can customize all expense categories. This financial computer program will automatically remember subsequent transactions. Track everything from all types of expenses such as monthly expenses, rental fees, electricity costs, and company expenses.

Retirement Features

It’s important for everyone to have a retirement plan, and Quicken can really help you analyze that. You will always know where and how much you save by connecting thousands of financial institutions.

Quicken provides several options including, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, or IRAs which will clearly provide complete and clear options for your holdings and investment portfolio.

The Quicken application makes it easy to view a complete record of your portfolio and various investment funds. If you want to be able to explore optimal investment allocation, then use Quickens for Windows.

Is Quicken Available on Mobile Platforms?

Quicken is also present in the form of an application, namely for Android and iOS devices. However, Apple users must have iOS 9 or higher to download this personal finance management software. For Android, you only need 4.1 or higher.

You can download both from the Play store for Android and Apple Store for iPhone.

Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Review 2022 – Ease of Use

The Quicken Tool interface is very easy to understand and has a minimalistic design in both mobile and desktop versions.

You can download financial reports quickly, without a hitch because they are made with an easy-to-see interface.

On the Windows version, users are very happy to use it because of its convenience, but unfortunately not for the Mac version, because the performance is a bit slow and less optimized.

How is the Security?

Quicken uses 256-bit encryption to protect your information and ensuring the security of information is very important, especially when it comes to investment funds.

Plus, Quicken has firewall-protected servers, connected via Express Web Connect. This is a pretty good solution to perform integrity checks to make sure there are no changes to messages and data.

Here, of course, you can create a password for your account, and you must enter it every time you access the Quicken web page. There is an additional safety feature that can store various access information that you have.

For Mac version users, you can save your entry details in Mac Keychain. The solution sends your financial information with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Quicken Pricing

Since we did a review for the Deluxe package, the annual price is $51.99. In this Deluxe package, there are already several features that are present in this package, and you can also enjoy all the features that are already available in the Starter package.

No need to worry if you don’t feel right with Quicken because they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. And of course, you can request a refund within that period.

How is the Support?

You can live chat with a customer support agent 24/7, or you can also call from Monday to Friday between 5 am and 5 pm.

Quicken support is also available throughout the year, they also offer videos, written guides, and even an active online community where you can ask questions and discuss there. Their writing guide is also very easy to understand, and we can say the Quicken community is very friendly and informative.

But it should be noted, to get premium support, you have to pay if you use the Starter or deluxe package. This premium assistance is free if you use the Premier, Home, and Business plans.

Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Review 2022 – Conclusion

This Quicken software is the best choice for those who want to handle their finances completely and easily.

Quicken is very effective at paying monthly bills and perfect for budgeting so you can determine what to spend or save first.

And plus, you can easily track your financial track record and your investments anytime and anywhere.

Nonetheless, Quicken should take note of Mac users as there is still some room for improvement.

In terms of price, although it can be quite expensive, Quicken is still included in the category of worth it to use because of its ability to complete all your financial analysis needs.

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