Three Powerful Tips to Raise the Number of Your Instagram Followers Organically

Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers – Instagram has become one of the most popular social media right now. People love to use this social media platform because they can share photos and videos with an interesting caption.

Moreover, they can also use Instagram to get more followers for a variety of purposes. This article is about to give you some tips to increase your Instagram followers organically. 

Instagram Followers

Create and Promote You Unique Hashtag

Hashtag (#) is one of the effective ways to make people recognize your account. You may use some popular hashtag where the other Instagram users use it. The best part is creating a new hashtag.

Try to think of a unique word that related to the topic of your Instagram account. It takes time to find a unique hashtag. A new hashtag is like an album where you can store videos and photos with the same topic.

The drawback of using a new hashtag is that people don’t recognize it yet. Because of that you still have to promote your Instagram account and hashtag to let people know it and follow your account. Promote your account and hashtag online and offline. 

Change the URL in Your Bio Regularly

Most of the Instagram users put their blog or website link without changing it at all. It is okay to do that to let people know your blog or website but you can also try to change it regularly.

For example, you can put the link of your post which has a lot of likes or views. You can also explain it in the caption to attract people to check your bio.

The most important thing, make your bio clear, brief and describe you or the account well. If people love to see your post and topic, they will follow you. 

Create a Powerful Storytelling 

Another important thing you have to do to increase the number of your Instagram followers is creating a great caption. One of the most powerful ways to gain people’s attention is by writing powerful storytelling.

You can visit some most popular Instagram account and learn the way they write powerful storytelling to attract people and make them follow the accounts.

NatGeo is one of the best examples where this account creates great images and videos along with powerful storytelling. By using it, this account gets over 50 million followers on Instagram.

The point is that increasing your Instagram followers is easy although you are not a popular person or influencers.

Just try to apply the three tips above regularly and check how many new followers you get after a week.

That’s how to increase your instagram followers. If you want to try Instagram and get more followers, you can just download the app here.

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