Clip Paint Studio PRO Review in 2022

Clip Studio Paint Pro is an affordable application that is perfect for beginner digital artists, and in this Clip Studio Paint review, we will discuss how Clip Studio Paint is much better for creating illustrations, comics, and concept art as well.

Clip Paint Studio PRO Review
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If you never heard about Clip Studio Paint before, CSP is editing software that has features for digital arts/painting, concept arts, and especially to create comic arts or manga. Plus, Clip Paint Studio is also able to do graphic designs and retouching, which is similar to Adobe Photoshop.

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Clip Studio Paint Pro Review

If you are a beginner and just getting started in the world of illustration and comic drawing, then Clip Studio Paint is the perfect step to start. Clip Paint Studio is the simpler version than the Clip Studio Paint Ex, even though Clip Paint Studio has a cheaper price, but its features are complete and excellent.

Clip Paint Studio Pro is also easy to use, and if you’re an Adobe Photoshop user, we believe you will be getting along with their interface and features in no time. CSP Pro also has 10,000 assets ready to use and FREE, they also got many options of color and paint tools.

This is clearly making Clip Paint Studio Pro become one of the best Manga and comic creator software with great features and options.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Review: How Easy to Use the Software?

One of the advantages of CSP over most other Illustration software is its flexibility in creating works. You can use a mouse for drawing, but it is not recommended, or use a pen tablet to draw manga & comics which is more recommended because it will make you more comfortable and free.

And for the pen tablet, we recommend you to use Wacom Tablet, CSP Pro is totally responsive to your pen’s movements, and especially when you want to make thick or thin lines by pushing the pen hard or softly. The feel is natural and will make you feel that you are drawing on paper. Many digital artists often say that CSP Pro is far better than Adobe Photoshop.

The accuracy and tracking of Clip Paint Studio Pro are impressive, you can adjust the sensitivity settings of your pen according to your taste, which is really helpful.

If you are an Adobe Photoshop user to edit images or draw digital illustrations and want to try Clip Studio Paint Pro, then you can say you will quickly adapt to this software because CSP Pro uses some of the same hotkeys or shortcuts as Photoshop. Of course, this will make it very easy for those of you who want to just try it!

Although the features in Clip Studio Paint Pro are a little more complex, serious beginners will be able to master the software after just a few hours.

Another great convenience is that you can use raster and vector layers in Clip Studio Paint Pro, this means you can paint pixels and draw vector lines in just one software without needing to go to two software programs alternately.

There is a wide variety of brushes, markers, and airbrushes, and shading tools to help you get the perfect look for your drawings, you can even create your own brushes to suit your needs. Plus, you can also use the pen tool to create free-form shapes.

Clip Studio Paint Pro also gives you access to around 36 pages of pre-designed panels for the comic design to help you do the design faster, or if you want to do something original, you can simply start from scratch.

Just in case if you’re asking, Clip Paint Studio Pro supports image files such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and even PSD, and you can import these types of files as well.

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Clip Paint Studio Pro review: How are the Features?

And now we are talking about their features, In CSP Pro we can create and modify brushes to match the effect we need. While most illustration software only has a limited selection of brushes, and of course this will limit our creativity as well.

Talking about features and assets, this software also gives you access to various assets such as backgrounds, effects, props to character models that you can add easily and quickly to the panel. There are more than 10,000 free assets, you can get other extras but for a certain price.

Another good news is that you can access the 3D models that are possible in this version, you can use these enabling figures to help you draw complex movements and body positions accurately.

In making comic designs, of course, we need a unique and good dialogue balloon design. CSP Pro lets you choose the shape and size of the initial bubble, you can also point the direction of the balloon tip to suit the situation.

You can use all the fonts already on your computer and decide the color you want to use.

System Requirements

Clip Studio Paint Pro is compatible with both Mac and PC computers, and we will help you to write the system requirements down.


Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 64bit English Language Operating System
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11
GPUIntel and AMD CPUs with SSE2 support
GPU with support for OpenGL 2.1
RAM2GB (8GB Recommended)
StorageAt least 3GB of free storage space
TabletsWintab-compatible LCD Tablet or Tablet and stylus with
pen pressure sensitivity that supports Windows Ink Platform
Wacom products recommended


Operating SystemmacOS (English)
OpenGL 2.1 compatible GPU
RAM2GB (8GB Recommended)
StorageAt least 3GB of free storage space
TabletsLCD Tablet or Tablet and stylus with pen pressure sensitivity
Wacom products recommended


Clip Paint Studio review
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Clip Studio Paint Pro is a perfect fit for budding artists on a budget but provides great brush and vector features.

This software is also very easy to understand for beginners, you can also learn various techniques to make yourself a professional artist in no time, plus if you are already used to using Adobe Photoshop!

CSP Pro also provides a variety of attractive assets up to 10,000 for free that make your designs faster.

It’s also affordable and much less than $100 less than CSP EX, but CSP Pro’s biggest drawback is the ability to organize and work on multiple comic book pages at once and the tools for publication.

But don’t worry, Clip Paint Studio Pro is really worth it for you who are just beginner artists, this is the software that we highly recommend as digital drawing software!

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