Best Video Editing Software for You

Best Video Editing Software – As technology develops, video editing applications are increasingly needed. Especially people today who have a culture of selfies, also usually have a hobby of video recording. Likewise with the development of the Windows operating system, which has reached the Windows 10 version. Of course, many updates have many differences compared to previous versions of Windows.

The problem is, sometimes there are applications from previous versions of Windows that are not compatible with this version of Windows 10. So when these applications are run, sometimes there is an error.

Best Video Editing Software

The first of video editing software is Windows movie maker. It is the first of the Best Softwares for Windows 10. Because of its simple use, and small size. For its features it is not so much, but it is enough to do lightweight video editing which is suitable for beginners.

For features, movie maker provides lightweight features commonly used in video editing. Among them are cutting videos, combining videos, inserting music or songs and many more. Please note, in fact Microsoft has not provided a download link on their official site. And worse, some irresponsible parties use this to do scamming.

Microsoft’s video editing application has actually been discontinued since January 2017. And on search engines, the irresponsible parties create a movie maker download website which is a scam. Where if you use an application sourced from the scam site, the application will run as usual. But the application will request a serial number which of course we have to spend money to pay.

Then there’s Videopad video editor. This application is the second video editing software that I usually use for lightweight video editing. This application is distributed by NCH software and its size is only about 4 MB. For the interface, this application is a bit complicated when compared with the film maker.

But for beginners, the interface is still easily understood. For features, even though the application is small, this application has quite complete features. Buddy can cut videos, put music into videos, give special effects to videos to enlarge video sound. If you like it, you can try this application on a demo because this application is paid. If interested, please buy it officially.

Wondershare Filmora also one of the Best Softwares for Digital Art. For some people it may not be familiar with this application, but this application is already quite well known among video editors. This Wondershare Filmora application, is suitable for you who want to learn video editing in more detail than the previous 2 applications, because Wondershare Filmora has a variety of features. Among them, this application has a variety of special effects, text effects and color editing features.

This application also has a background audio feature, which can also be added or replaced with the audio you want. This video editing software has an interface with a theme that can be changed. There are dark, gray and light.

If you want to try Wondershare Filmora, you don’t need to hesitate anymore. Because even this application has been reviewed by PCMAG which incidentally is one of the largest computer technology sites in the world. Oh yes, this application is paid. Buddy can buy it for $ 39.99 for the Windows version.

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