The Best Free iOS apps 2019

Best Free iOS apps 2019 – Although the status of an exclusive smartphone, the iPhone also of course requires applications to support the needs of everyday users. Because without an application, the iPhone is just an ordinary elegant cellphone without any ability. Speaking of applications, there are currently many free ios apps available for iPhone users who are no less good than Android applications.

Even though there are a lot of them, in reality only a few of them are worth downloading.

Best Free iOS apps 2019

here’s the list

The first free ios apps is Bear. Bear is a note application that is quite flexible and popular among mobile users with the iOS operating system. As a note application, Bear offers simplicity in use while still providing powerful functions.

This application allows you to do everything from taking notes to concise notes, writing essays, to taking notes with pictures. In addition, this application also offers a variety of interesting features, including supporting hashtags and sub-hashtags, supporting managing display format (font type, size, line height), exporting notes to various document formats, and others.

Then there are Sliceone of the Best iOS Apps 2019 offering a simple yet sophisticated method of use, the Splice application can make it easy for you to create videos that are fully customizable and look professional with just the help of an iPhone.

This application offers various features for its users such as applying filters, adjusting videos to the rhythm of music automatically, cutting or adding clips, selecting transition effects, and much more.

Not only that, this application also allows you to save or share videos that have been edited to popular social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even email.

The next small iPhone application that must be owned is Instapaper. This application is suitable for use if you do not want to go past the latest celebrities and are lazy to bring newspapers.

best apps for ios

Instapaper deserves to be called the iPhone user newspaper. You can read the latest news from all over the world with updated topics. Cool again this application can be used even if you are offline. In addition, most importantly this application is free ios apps!

Hobbies playing basketball and want to have a personal trainer but are constrained by the cost? Then you have to install the HomeCourt app, gang. HomeCourt is an amazingly sophisticated application that is able to be your personal trainer when playing basketball.

This application works by capturing how you play basketball starting from dribbling, aiming the ball to the ring, to the user’s body movements when playing. HomeCourt combines the basic training concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide real-time analysis.

This method is claimed to be able to help users to improve their skills in playing basketball.

One of the Best Applications to Download, Monument Valley is a must-have game on your iPhone. Even though you are not gamers, you will feel interested and challenged after trying this Monument Valley game.

In this game, you will be taken to explore a fantastic world. Yes, Monument Valley will make you addicted to playing it twice. This game is perfect for getting rid of boredom when you are waiting.

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