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Android application That you can Download – Google Play Store is home to millions of the most sophisticated Android applications available today. Starting from the song player application to the ghost tracking application you can find there.

Free Android Apps 2019

The first of free android apps is Smart Tools. In accordance with the name of the application, Smart Tools is indeed an application that is really smart and very complete.

With just one application, you can do many things, such as measuring length with a ruler and a meter. Not quite up there, one of the most sophisticated Android applications is also equipped with a light feature to be used as a flashlight.

Still want to know other features? There are also features of speed, location, mirror, stopwatch, metal detector, and others.

The second free android apps is Google Assistant. Well, the most sophisticated Android application this time came from the developer Google LLC. Why is it sophisticated? Because, with this application, you do not need to bother typing.

That is, when you want to travel and find a location on GPS, you only need to talk and let the Google Assistant Go app find you. Not just to find a GPS location, the article you can also browse without having to type.

All you have to do is talk and Google Assistant Go directly looks for things you want to know on Google. Really, like having a personal assistant.

There is another Best Applications to Download that you can use, IFTTT. This is a simple but very helpful application. Little information that the IFTTT application is already working with several other applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Google drive, Instagram, and others.

Now, by joining some of these applications with IFTTT, it will certainly make it easier for you to do activities in other applications. For example, you like to like a few tweets, then you want to find tweets that have been liked. No need to be complicated, use IFTTT as bookmarks for tweets that you already like.

One Best Android Apps 2019 about weather is Apex Weather is a new weather application from the developer Apex Launcher, one of the best Android launchers.

This weather application is above average. You get basic tools such as current, daily and hourly estimates. It also includes a weather map, severe weather warnings, and some better weather and clock widgets that we have seen in a while.

Even shows things that are less common such as sunrise and sunset, air pressure, UV index, and more. This is a kind of free android apps but there will be some adds that will appear sometimes. However, we can wipe away the adds by single paying about $5.99 only.

Last but not least, Memoria Photo Gallery is a rare new photo gallery without many unnecessary additions. This application has features of fast loading, smooth animations, and an average UI Material Design above.

You can easily explore various galleries, enlarge photos, customize themes, and more. It also comes with an encrypted safe for personal photos or you can hide the entire album if you want. This is one of the cleanest gallery applications with gallery safes. This application is free with advertisements.

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