5 Best Fintech App On Your Phone

Best fintech app – The mechanical 4.0 force people to be faster. It makes them use digital providers to help them becoming quickly. It included in the area of finance.

People prefer to use digital assistants to improve their financial counting. No wonder that various platforms are equipping themselves with business technology. There is five best fintech app on your phone.

Best fintech app

Best Fintech App to Maintain the Financial Tracks.

The abbreviation for financial technology is Fintech, which can replace the traditional financial system.

The functions of this fin-tech application are similar to the traditional one. It manages the bills, tracks the budget flows. The fintech applications cover both personal and professional needs.

Since the world is going fast, the existence of the fintech applications is more important. It is to be a digital financial manager. What is 5 Best Fintech App for your Android devices?

The Best Fintech App below will help you with your Financial Report

Get set and go.


The first application that reviewed is Mint. It is the best fintech app in 2019. This application is friendly for the user’s interface. It updates the data of the users about their incomes and outgoing tracks of their financial.

It equipped with the severe security level. The data encrypted with 256-bit encryption, and the data exchanged is encrypted with 128 bit SSL.

2. Revolut

Its practical features help the users to use it easily. Without getting complicated, this application offers the simple technology of the financial system.

The users can open their bank account in minutes. If they would like to know the other currencies, through this application, they will remember 28 coins at a real rate. There can be 130 currencies transaction done on this application.

3. Coinbase

The crypto currency era is coming. Since 2006, this digital currency increases the interest of the investors to invest their money.

Coinbase is the application of the cryptocurrency that can be used by them. It tracks all the transactions of the user’s coins/tokens. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash can administer on this application.

4. Acorn

As one of the best fintech app in 2018, Acorn helps the users to keep their money increasing. The aim of maintaining money through this application is to have more and more numbers in the account.

It will help the users to invest and increase their income, which shown in this application. The data will be shown directly by pressing the button of its features. Its range is also wide.

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